What is Plastic Molding and Mold Technology?

What is Plastic Molding and Mold Technology?

Plastic mold technology is additionally well-known as plastic molding technology, is a process that has been around since 1872, the process of creating and manufacturing plastic parts by injection molten materials into a plastic mold.

The process of plastic molding (moulding) technology is really quoted as a multifaceted one. First, the part designer requirements to design the desired model or hire your supplier to design the model as per your requirement, and then the mold designer must come up with a totally final mold design.

One this has been shaped, then start to manufacture the mold, such as drilling, CNC machining, EDM, polishing as well as the final step to make the mold is mould fitting, when the whole thing is finished in mold making, then the real injection moulding process can start.

At the beginning of the molding process we called mold testing, from mold trial to massive production still needs to take some time as well as doing several times mold trial, since the first mold trial will more or less have some issues that needs to be completed.

After two or three mold test until custom approval the samples, therefore we could start massive production, this is a simple working procedure to explain from part design, mold design, mold manufacturing to get the wonderful ending plastic products. Although plastic molding technology is not something that most will be well-informed about.

We all use products that will be made by using this method. Things like bottle caps, automobile plastic parts, home appliances, furniture components and accessories, bicycle accessories, cosmetics molding & packaging containers, cooking equipment, toys, medical plastic parts, and construction part, etc.

We can say everything needs molds and plastic molded parts.

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The Future of Plastic Molding

Over the decades, the procedure of plastic moulding technology has changed and advanced considerably. Thanks to enormous leaps in technology, it is now possible to use 3D printing to utilize photopolymers for plastic moulding parts.

The benefit of using 3D printing for the plastic parts is that will lower the price for lower volume because make custom plastic mold is excessive.

If you need only some plastic parts for your market testing or function test then use 3 printing in place of using plastic moulding technology will be the improved option, this will save the mold making cost for you, but when you need high-class plastic moldings and the high volume of plastic products to speed up your market you still require to make plastic molds.

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